Latest News:     //     Reinstated - Indoor Shooting at Pool Academy Sports Hall on Saturdays has been reinstated with effect from Saturday 6 December 2014. All members and visitors from other Clubs welcome.     //    

We are a Redruth-based Archery club of about 80 members, incorporating a junior and disabled section, deep in the heart of Cornwall in the South-West of England, and only two miles from the popular beach at Portreath. Our members shoot the three major styles of bow, Olympic (recurve), Compound and Longbow. Some of our club members are also affiliated to the British Longbow Society (BLBS).

We are fortunate in owning our shooting field, giving us exclusive access: allowing our adult members (and juniors, where appropriately supervised) to enjoy 24/7 access to the facilities. This availability together with a County Coach (L3) and four Level 1 Coaches means that there is an opportunity for every member to learn to shoot at whatever level they wish. Many members, of course, are just interested in archery as a recreational sport, while many of the more competitively minded ones work hard to achieve higher levels of personal performance. In the past, some of our members have gone on to shoot at national and international levels, and in most years Redruth Archers has regularly had members in the Devon & Cornwall County team.

The Club prides itself on a tradition of innovation, with ideas like the 'Redruth Scoring System' as mentioned in the Archery GB rulebook and our Improvers' Course, and historically was instrumental in assisting several other Cornish clubs getting started. We were also the first archery club in Cornwall to acquire its own Website (An earlier version than this one).

Part of the Club's Constitution states that 'The objects of the Club shall be the practice and promotion of Archery', and we have usually taken every opportunity to take our sport to the public, through 'have-a-goes', after-school lessons, taster sessions and exhibitions, not to mention our user-friendly beginners' course which runs during the Spring each year.

The present criteria for membership of our Disabled Club is inclusion in the Blue Badge Scheme or being in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (or equivalent).